Anthony Dohrmann; Christian Commerce Alliances Arise

Anthony Dohrmann

This is a word from Anthony Dohrmann about the Christian Economy. Anthony Dohrmann has a love for the body of Christ. He believes we each are held to a standard of loving kindness and encouraging interaction. This glorifies God and results in our good and the good of our joint heirs. Within that passion is the ever developing vision for Safari Christian Business Alliance and the Christian Economy.

He believes it is time, now, today, for the body of Christ to begin to make major strides in aligning hearts. Time now for minds and the practical of everyday life to align in order to lift up each other.

In this time of division, hate and even dissection of a once strong Christian body in America, Anthony sees opportunity instead of gloom. He sees a need for a greater God intervention instead of judging each other. And a beginning of an actual revival of lives, not simply emotions.

Anthony Dohrmann; Always beginning at the beginning

Anthony Dohrmann believes that if we find ourselves completely confident in Christ’s love we will transition to live from a position of power, rather than force. He teaches that power is being able to sacrifice self for the joy of another. Power is being able to participate in an opinion different from your own. And it’s the ability to see the situation from another’s viewpoint. It is in that power two totally different perspectives can ultimately arrive at Christ’s truth.

For one individual the first five sins to tackle may be different than the first set of five for another, yet at the end of both lives, salvation is had by each. There is power in servanthood that an ungodly world cannot recognize, that is consequential when following God’s ways in commerce. Imagine unleashing that power into the American business world!

Anthony Dohrmann; Without love…it’s just business

When we seek to be like Christ and in that, love another, we can enjoy the process of discovering how to communicate and lift up those around us for their ultimate best interest and success, even in commerce. Anthony stresses that we should always stay amazed at the subtly of Christ. He was always right on message, with the right parable, or the right illustration to reach people. He made accurate and highly insightful remarks that stopped people in their tracks and caused them to think. He didn’t engage in arguments. He delivered his message, loved them where they were, and gave them room and time for seeds to manifest fruit. He was confident to plant a message now, allow life to work on or against an individual, knowing His message would remain and surface at the right time. Good wins over evil.

There are so many sound choices and opportunities available for us to prosper in joy and further His Kingdom through His blessing of the work He has assigned to us. Prosperity comes while relishing the endless knowledge and insight gained from the never ending fountain of wisdom received from the pages of every book of the Bible. When we fully surrender to our Lord and Savior, when we accept His design for our lives, when we seek His direction and will, we proceed faithfully, and honorably throughout every aspect of our lives. How exciting would it be for our businesses, our day-to-day work, to not only bless others but shine brightly into an ever darkening world? Together, united, steady and with Godly morality changing the face of commerce in America is possible! Christian Economy; Christians evenly yoked in commerce…What a concept, what a vision, what a day to begin…today!

How about you? Ready?